Is the bone china cup used every day harmful to the human body? | Win-Win

October 26, 2022

Every day we drink water without the use of cups, and the types and materials of cups are becoming more and more diverse, not only the styles are constantly changing, but even the materials of the cups are constantly changing. At present, the more common ceramic cups, plastic cups, glass cups, stainless steel cups, etc., there is also a cup called bone china cup, although it is not very common at present, but many families are using it , So is the bone china cup harmful to the human body? Let's follow the win-win ceramics to learn about this different cup.


What is a bone china cup

If you want to know whether a bone china cup is harmful to the human body, you must first know what a bone china cup is. First of all, bone china is a very environmentally friendly product and a green cup. It is a very high-end porcelain. Tangshan In the bone china cups produced by Winwin Ceramics, 25% of the ingredients are herbivorous animal ashes, and all of them have been tested according to national standards. Compared with traditional ceramic cups, it has a very unique production. In the process, the color and texture of the bone china cups produced by Tangshan Win-Win Ceramics are slightly different because the content of bone carbon is different. Tangshan Win-Win Ceramics uses cattle and sheep bone powder with a high content of more than 45% as the main raw material, which is green and environmentally friendly. Lead-free and cadmium-free.



In fact, no matter how good-looking and environmentally friendly the bone china cups are, more people are concerned about whether the bone china cups are harmful to the human body. We all know that most plastic cups are harmful to the human body, but the bone china cups are harmful to the human body. There is no harm, on the contrary, it has high safety, so everyone can rest assured when using it. Don't worry about the health hazards after using the bone china cup. After national testing and expert analysis, it is concluded that bone china Cups also have great benefits for the human body.


Healthy green

There is a lot of animal bone meal in the bone china cup, so the ceramic performance is increased and also contains a lot of calcium phosphate. It is a green and healthy cup, and its health care function is also unmatched by traditional cups.


Easy to clean

The benefits of bone china cups are far more than those mentioned above. It is also very easy to clean. Bone china itself is a high-density product, so the surface of the bone china cup is very smooth, no matter what kind of stains it is. It is easy to clean if it sticks to it, so it can also reduce the residue of detergent when using it.


Is the bone china cup harmful to the human body? Now everyone knows that the firing technique of Tangshan Win-win Ceramic Bone China Cup is very unique, so it does not contain lead, cadmium and other metal components, which can effectively avoid heavy metal poisoning and other situations, especially suitable for For families with children at home.

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