How to distinguish bone china cup decals? | Win-Win

October 12, 2022

1.Decorative patterns. There are many bone china cups, usually with a decorative pattern around the top, bottom, left, and right edges. When applying a decal pattern, there are three situations: pattern overlap, misalignment, and joint space.


2.poor quality products will also find insufficient color, which is caused by the fact that the decals will remove some ceramic pigments from the decals during transportation or operation.


3.Carefully study symmetrical or identical patterns. The appliqué porcelain is basically the same for each part, and it's important that the hand-painted ones certainly don't stay the same.


4.judge from the color. Regardless of the on-glaze or under-glaze decals, from a technical point of view, the thickness of bone china pigments is limited and the depth of color is not easily resolved. For a certain color (yellow, for example), all of those colors look consistent across the picture, which is also one of the most important ways to differentiate.


5.Both decals and hand drawings appear on the bone china cup, showing the top and bottom decorative patterns with decals, and the main parts are all hand-painted. However, this hand-painting method involves using carbon paper on blanks or porcelain and repainting by hand.


6.For decal bone china cups, due to improper operation during the mounting process, it is easy to cause pattern overlap, dislocation, and gaps. Therefore, please carefully observe the upper, lower, left, and right edges of the porcelain. Whether there is any of the above performance, it can be considered as a decal product.

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