What is the main glaze for bone china cups? | Win-Win

October 09, 2022

What is the main glaze for bone china cups? The glaze of bone china cups is usually prepared by using relatively pure natural mineral raw materials and chemical raw materials to reduce the influence of impurities on the glaze effect. The natural mineral raw materials commonly used in glazing are generally the same as the green bodies, namely quartz, feldspar, kaolin soil, stalactite, talc, small white dry, etc., but the requirements for purity are higher, and the commonly used chemical raw materials for glazing are boric acid, borax, oxide Zinc, Titanium Dioxide, Baking Soda, Alumina. The glaze of the bone china cup is healthy and meets the safety standards required by the state.


Bone china cup Bone china glaze is the glass body on the surface of the porcelain, which is the coat of the porcelain product. The quality of the glaze directly determines the grade of the product. Bone china glaze is usually transparent, with good luster and a certain hardness. The function of the glaze is: first, it can cover the micropores and small blanks on the surface of the blank, making the surface of the porcelain smooth, dense, impermeable, airtight, and not easy to be stained; second, it can improve the chemical stability of the porcelain properties, mechanical strength, thermal stability, etc. Third, it can make the porcelain more beautiful.

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