Comparison and difference between bone china cup and new bone china cup | Win-Win

October 08, 2022

    1. Origin: Bone china Tangshan has the earliest porcelain factory and the Tangshan Ceramic Research Institute has successfully developed it. The main producing area of new bone china is Tangshan, Hebei, which was developed by Tangshan.


    2. Composition: The content of bone china and bone powder refers to the content of the chemical substance "tricalcium phosphate". Tricalcium phosphate in bone china is the natural bone meal in animal ashes, mainly beef bone meal from Qinghai, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, preferably 2-4 year old calf bone meal. The tricalcium phosphate in new bone china is synthetic.


    3. Bone meal: add more than 40% bone meal to bone china; no bone meal is added is new bone china.


    4. Production: Bone china is fired twice, high temperature glaze and low temperature glaze. New bone china uses low-temperature glazes fired in one shot.


    5. Lead: The lead content of bone china is usually higher than that of new bone china, because bone china uses glass frit in the second low-temperature glaze, and the glass frit is divided into lead glass frit and lead-free glass frit. New bone china is low in lead.


    6. Color: The color of bone china is natural milky white, usually called yellow. The higher the bone meal content, the greater the tendency to be milky, and the lower the bone meal content, the yellower the color. New bone china is a whitening agent to which synthetic chemicals have been added.


    7. Sound: put the bone china on a flat hand to make a collision, a clear "beep" sound is emitted, and there is an echo, the longer the echo time, the higher the level of the bone china, the more obvious this function is (bone china bowl experiment The effect is more obvious); the new bone china makes a "dull" sound when it collides with other china, and there is basically no echo.


    8. Weight: bone china is the lightest; new bone china is second; white china is the heaviest.


    9. Carcass quality: bone china is thinner; new bone china placenta is relatively thick.


    10. Appearance: The secondary firing of bone china is very high, and the glaze is bright; the new bone china is fired, and the effect is not obvious.


    11. Light transmittance: bone china has good light transmittance; the light transmittance of new bone china ranks second.

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