Customized molding process of bone china advertising cup | Win-Win

September 28, 2022

Bone china manufacturer advertising cup customized molding process:


 Painting → branching → gate → oiling → gypsum slurry → gypsum slurry injection → mold repairing → fan removal → sleeve making


1. Customized painting of bone china cups: Brush the adjusted varnish on the finished mold to facilitate the reproduction of the model.

2. Bone china cup custom dividing line: draw the model dividing line reasonably on the painted mold.

3. Custom gate for bone china cups: When making the first model of the fan, the unturned part must first be opened with a mud gate.

4. Custom oiling of bone china cups: Before pouring the model, brush a layer of oil on the mold to facilitate turning the mold.

5. Bone china cup customization and gypsum slurry: Pour an appropriate amount of water into the gypsum bucket, add the gypsum powder to the water in proportion, and stir to form a slurry of a certain consistency.

6. Custom-made gypsum slurry for bone china cups: inject the stirred gypsum slurry into the mold where it will be turned over.

7. Custom mold repair of bone china cup: After the gypsum slurry is solidified, the outside of the gypsum mold is repaired and flattened according to the requirements.

8. Bone china cup custom-made fan: Follow the above steps to complete a set of models by fan-by-fan.

9. Customized set of bone china cups: use the first set of models to be turned into coats, and the same models can be copied in large numbers.

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