10 technological processes of daily ceramics | Win-Win

September 22, 2022

1. Amoy mud

Kaolin is the best raw material for firing porcelain. For thousands of years, many fine ceramics have evolved from these inconspicuous porcelain clays. The first process of porcelain making: scouring the clay, which is to scour the porcelain clay into usable porcelain clay. .


2. A pile of mud

The cleaned clay cannot be used immediately. It should be divided and piled into columns for easy storage and drawing.


3. Billet

Put the piled porcelain clay into the large turntable, and pull the porcelain clay into a porcelain blank by rotating the turntable, using your hands and a drawing tool.


Fourth, the printing blank

The drawn porcelain blank is just a prototype, and it is necessary to select different impressions according to the shape to be made to print the porcelain blank into various shapes.


5. Billet repair

The thickness of the just-printed blank is uneven, and the printed blank needs to be trimmed neatly and symmetrically through the process of trimming the blank.


Six, water

Watering is an essential process, that is, to wash away the dust on the blank with clean water, so as to prepare for the subsequent painting blanks, glazing and other processes.


Seven, the blank

Painting on the blank is a major feature of ceramic art. There are many kinds of blanks, some freehand, some with good drawing paper, no matter how the blank is painted, it is the finishing touch of the ceramic process.


8. Glazing

The painted porcelain blank is rough and dull, but after it is glazed, it is completely different, smooth and bright: different glazing techniques have completely different effects.


9. Kiln

Thousands of years of kiln fire, continuous, after dozens of tools and finely carved porcelain blanks, subjected to a thousand-degree high temperature smelting in the kiln, just like an ugly duckling about to reach a beautiful swan.


10. Porcelain

After several days of smelting, the porcelain blanks in the kiln have become exquisite pieces of porcelain, which can't wait to stand out from the open kiln door.

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