The ceramic industry fights for culture to the last | Win-Win

September 14, 2022

With the increasing frequency of international trade, more and more imported goods are flooding all areas of our life. Although some products are expensive, the quality of the products is much better than that of similar domestic products, which makes consumers feel really comfortable and use them well, so they are very popular in the market and undeniably occupy the commodity market of high end in my home country. On the other hand, some domestic products are not of entirely inferior quality to foreign ones: when most of the products were just coming out, the quality was admirable, but once the market opened, many traders flocked to imitate them and thus settled un fro The consequence is that although the market is getting bigger and bigger in a short period of time, the price is falling and the quality is getting worse, and eventually it loses credibility with consumers and is abandoned by consumers. Why In short: cultural differences!


Culture is the sum of the material and spiritual wealth created by human society in the process of historical development and includes not only literature, art, education and science, but also values, codes of conduct, ideology , the morals and customs of the people. For a company, the corporate culture also encompasses a lot of content such as the guiding ideology, corporate philosophy, work style, management system and corporate image. There is such an example, the Germans are said to learn the methods of cooking Chinese food from the Chinese. The Chinese said to put it on the fire for a while, add a little salt and a little MSG, but Germans must be careful ask: how many degrees should this fire be? How many seconds is "a moment"? How many grams is "little"? For this reason, the quality of German products is always unique and exceptional, while the quality of our products has remained stagnant for many years.


The ceramics industry has faced stiff market competition in recent years as price wars, brand wars and new product wars intensify. In this competition for survival of the fittest, some companies seize the opportunity, adopt a healthy attitude and positive corporate culture as a breeding ground for continuous improvement of product quality, actively develop new marketable products, and strive to build famous brands. , so that companies can take a step forward. There are also many developing and growing companies that seek quick success, seek profit, mimic plagiarism, cut corners, and produce shoddy products. Different business mindsets have shaped different business cultures and produced different business results. Although the former has suffered some losses for a while and its development speed may be a bit slower, it has constantly evolved step by step. Besides a small number of companies dedicated to brand building in China, currently, most of the ceramic products in my country are in the mid and high range market, and most of them are focused on the mid and low range market. . on which cost is lower, the price is lower and the profit is higher. The result is that the quality continues to deteriorate, the price continues to fall and everyone's life continues to deteriorate.


The amount of money a company has determines how big the company can be and the type of corporate culture the company has determines how far the company can go. Although market competition includes many factors such as price, variety, quality, service, brand, etc., final competition ultimately consists of a company's merits and demerits and even national culture.

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