When buying ceramic tableware, you should also pay attention to safety when "eating". | Win-Win

September 05, 2022

Environmental protection "Bone Jade Self-cleaning Porcelain" is listed and the new generation of porcelain has improved the environmental protection coefficient and scientific and technological content

When buying ceramic tableware, you should also pay attention to safety when "eating".



New products such as "Bone Jade Self-cleaning Porcelain" have become the mainstream of everyday porcelain on the market.

Recently, a new type of porcelain called "Bone Jade Self-cleaning Porcelain" was sold in supermarkets. Currently, the everyday ceramics sold in Tangshan supermarkets are mainly bone china and plain white porcelain.With the subsequent launch, these new types of porcelain, developed in China, have not only greatly improved the sense of design, but also greatly improved. environmental protection and high-tech content is to become the red thread.

When buying, pay attention to the lead and cadmium dissolution index

For hundreds of years, Tangshan's "Bone Jade Self Cleaning Porcelain" has just started rolling out, including more than ten product categories such as various tableware, tea, wine and coffee. The internal glaze of these cups, plates and bowls is fine and smooth, and the appearance and design of the pattern are also greatly improved over domestic porcelain.


 "Bone Jade Self-cleaning Porcelain" China's sales manager told us that the self-cleaning porcelain, which uses a new generation of nanomaterials and decontamination technology, has a super smooth glaze, the surface is not easy to get dirty, dirt can be easily washed off, also light transmission, heat resistance, enamel hardness, flexural strength, etc. They are much superior to ordinary porcelain. The most common problem with traditional porcelain are lead and cadmium residues.For example, the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in normal porcelain is generally 3ppm, while the new generation of Bone Jade self-cleaning porcelain is 0ppm. Nowadays, food safety is a common concern throughout society, in fact even everyday utensils present potential safety risks and various parameters should be carefully considered when purchasing. Ceramic dinnerware with many small holes on the surface and rough workmanship are prone to black spots in wet weather, and infectious bacteria also affect health.


The new type of porcelain is cheaper

Currently, everyday ceramics in Tangshan's major home furnishing stores mainly include top European and Japanese brands such as Wedgwood, Noritake, Royaldoulton and Narumi, as well as domestic high-end bone china brands such as Ronda, Haigre and Margolonte. The price of ordinary 8-person table sets of these brands is more than 1,000 yuan, the price is relatively high, and the sales area is relatively small.


Supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard, Wal-Mart, Haoyouduo, and Carrefour mainly sell domestic brands represented by Tangshan Win-Win. China Resources Vanguard shows that the price of domestic brand tableware for 8 people is about 600 yuan.The store sales staff said that the design and technology of domestic branded porcelain tableware has made significant progress in recent years and will continue to do so by bringing new products to market. , The market share is about 70%.

Industry experts said that under the national economic policy of "expanding domestic demand to ensure growth", there is a great opportunity for the development of the domestic market. For a long time, the pattern of domestic ceramic brands for everyday use has focused on the international market, and the neglect of the domestic market is also quietly changing, some domestic brands with high-tech content and a strong sense of design have developed quickly and gradually they became the mainstream of everyday pottery.

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