Exploration Hall III of the first Hebei Gongmei boutique exhibition: Tangshan designs a new project for the capital

August 26, 2022

When we talk about porcelain production areas, we always think of Jingdezhen, Foshan, Zibo, Tangshan ... and Tangshan, Hebei, in our province, whose history of ceramic production dates back four or five thousand years ago is almost the same as that of Jingdezhen Pottery History. . With the passage of time and the changing times, Tangshan, once the "Capital of the North of China", continues its former glory and displays a different style.


At Craftsmanship Tangshan, Hebei, Hebei Province's first arts and crafts fair and Tangshan Fine Pottery Exhibition, opened on September 1st, a wide range of high quality Tangshan pottery attracted the attention of traders and visitors national and abroad.


Pack the porcelain like a beer "wedding dress".


In front of the stand of a pottery company in Tangshan, a young man, born in 1980, holds a brush in his hand and writes the word "Fen" on the ceramic blank with a deep head.


"Turns out that's how that word was written! We all thought it was written by a famous person, and he has a lot of skills!" Faced with the admiration of the visitors, the young man smiled shyly and said: "To write just that word is too much bottle."


The young man introduced that his pottery factory's main products are blue and white porcelain, export porcelain beer, bamboo leaf green series wine bottles, etc. "It can produce 2.6 million pieces per year!" Since each person's handwriting and writing time is different, it will be different from the same model of porcelain bottles. Each blue and white porcelain beer bottle is unique.


The young man proudly claimed that through his work, the prestigious Tangshan beer could wear beautiful "wedding dresses" and sell well across the country and abroad; Beer lovers can enjoy fine wine while enjoying exquisite works of art. The fascination of ceramics and Chinese calligraphy.


Artistic ceramics make beauty "rooted"


In the display case are exquisite hand-painted plum blossom plates, engraved porcelain, black enamel decals and famous porcelain plates with heads. Beautiful colors, crystal clear, antique glazed products, smooth shape and exquisite workmanship of porcelain fruit plates and sculptural porcelain are amazing. Tangshan has a rich variety of artistic pottery and handcrafted pottery.



The "History" of Tangshan Ceramics Art Exhibition vividly reflects the long history of Tangshan Ceramics in the form of physical objects, images, videos, etc. Two week period; During the Liao and Jin dynasties and in the Ming and Qing dynasties, the collections of the Jimei Museum in France and the Shanghai Museum flourished.


“I didn't expect to produce such exquisite ceramics in our province. In the future, I will purchase directly from the Tangshan factories. "Xiao Liu, a trader from Taiyuan, opened an art pottery studio:" I can help customers shoot wedding photos and family portraits. Made on porcelain plates, teacups, pendants and displayed as works of art in the home ”.


After seeing how some master potters from our province use Tangshan pottery for artistic creations, many visitors marveled at the magical artistic vitality of the masters through the workmanship, but also complained that Tangshan pottery is the perfect vehicle for calligraphy, painting, sculpture and other arts.


Porcelain for everyday use sells well at home and abroad


At the Tangshan Commodity Porcelain booth, visitors were dazzled by pots, bowls, plates, pots, dishes, pitchers, pitchers, jugs and other porcelain for everyday use, which are white and delicate in color and luster, rich in patterns and new forms were. , there is also an elegant porcelain for the home. Several craftsmen in the exhibition used brushes dipped in different colors to paint rough pieces of porcelain or some peonies, two orchids or three colored butterflies on bowls and plates.


At the booth of a pottery factory in Tangshan, there were bridal celadons with bright red patterns that looked radiant. "In addition to selling our porcelain in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, it is also sold in the United States, Japan and other places," said Xiao Yang, a staff member. "Our bone china products are available to VIPs in the Great Hall of the People!"


"When people enjoy gourmet food in high-end hotels, when thousands of families dine at the dining table, the dishes that contain the food are most likely made in Tangshan." is the ceramic production in the city. There are 51 companies and 100 production lines, with a production capacity of 1.6 billion pieces of ceramic for daily use, 50 million pieces of glazed porcelain, 6 million square meters of wall and floor tiles, 60 million pieces of wine bottles, 10 million pieces of saggers and 90,000 tons of medium and high aluminum balls. The main products are lithium porcelain, bone china, fine ceramic, glazed porcelain, guipure porcelain, etc., eight categories with thousands of designs and colors, more than 70 series of craft wine items, etc. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries and exported areas.

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