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August 15, 2022

Ceramics are divided into three categories based on their use: handcrafted ceramics, everyday ceramics and industrial ceramics (special ceramics) .Today, countries with relatively developed everyday ceramics include the UK, Germany, France and the United States, Japan and South Korea. As a country of ceramics, China can only be described as a follower in the research and development of modern ceramic dinnerware for everyday use. Today I will share with you some parts on dinnerware in everyday pottery.

Classification of ceramic dinnerware for everyday use

Ceramic can be divided into porcelain, stoneware and ceramic depending on the material of the matrix. Among these ceramics, classified according to the glaze, they are divided into colored glazes, colored porcelain and white porcelain. Our commonly used porcelain dinnerware can be divided into ordinary ceramic, bone china and new bone china (enhanced porcelain) according to the composition of the porcelain material.

Ordinary ceramics

China is the first country in the world to produce ceramics. Each era has produced beautiful and practical ceramics for everyday use. Each family may have used all kinds of ordinary ceramic dinnerware, from the most common sea bowls to exquisite steamed dishes.

Bone china

Bone china is the most popular type of porcelain for everyday use. It is the only type of porcelain invented by Westerners. Bone china and bone powder with good texture is 2 year old bull bone powder, and the bone powder content is at least 40%. Currently, bone china is very popular in the domestic market, as it is considered light, thin, transparent and decorative and is loved by many people. However, bone china is tough but not strong enough to be brittle and easy to break. In addition, the bone china products in the domestic market are mixed and herringbone meal or other animal bone meal is often added instead of the traditional beef bone meal.

New bone china

The new favorite in the western ceramic market for everyday use is New Bone China: its porcelain body is slightly thicker, its slightly whitish white background color, not only is resistant to shock and damage, but also fits to sudden changes in temperature. It is more durable, does not break easily and is more suitable for use in complex cooking environments with a large number of kitchen appliances in modern households.

Porcelain stoneware with variability and strong plasticity

Stoneware represents a broad category of ceramics between ceramics and porcelain, formerly known as "porcelain stoneware". Its firing temperature is lower than white porcelain and its water absorption rate is slightly higher than porcelain, which is better than clay.

Since porcelain stoneware firing materials contain a little more impurities, the carcass color varies from off-white to brownish-red after firing, but the texture is relatively dense, hard and durable, the production cost is low and the appearance is natural and simple, especially with the colored nail polish. In use, the color expression effect is excellent, and the mold baking is relatively stable, suitable for various special shape designs.


With continuous research and development and advances in ceramic manufacturing technology in the West, today's stoneware dinnerware is no longer what it used to be in terms of durability and appearance.

Tips for determining the quality of everyday ceramic dinnerware


When choosing ceramic dinnerware for everyday use, there are many factors to consider, such as the presence of the elderly and children), the purchase budget, the purpose of the purchase (shared use, entertainment, personal use or gift, etc. .), the general style of the house and personal preferences, etc.


If safety is guaranteed, the choice of daily ceramic dinnerware can be based on the following aspects:

1. Lower foot: The lower foot is smooth, smooth and delicate and should be referred to as a good product;

2. Enamel: the enamel is smooth and moist, the enamel color is thin and stable, not excessive and beautiful, the surface is smooth and it is a good product;

3. Hand feeling: the hand feels fit, smooth, no roughness on the surface, good product;

4. Sound: the sound is sonorous, full of metal feel and does not split, so the internal texture should be good;

5. Appearance: The appearance is clean, the lines are smooth and the overall shape is full of beauty.

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