Win-win ceramic dinnerware - meet you across the ocean

July 26, 2022

Tangshan win-win ceramics-exotic blue dinnerware series ceramic dinnerware

Chinese schooners, Spanish galleons, and Clark sailboats, laden with china and spices, sailed at sea one after another. Sailing from China and Japan, Persia and Turkey, Portugal and the Netherlands, these beauties and blues - so unique, yet so numerous, sailed safely into the Gulf, and were soon taken over by the East India Company.

The port where they are moored has the evocative name "Lorion". Those mythical Orientals, just where the sun rises, people are also discovering that vast land by land.

These blues seem to have passed through the mosques of Samarkand and the minarets of Isfahan before turning into tile paintings or Delft blue and white porcelain. The blue of the real world, or the blue of dreams.

Soar with Chagall in the blue boundless sky, step on a horse like Kandinsky, and gallop through the tranquility and color of the fertile fields. Across the ocean like Bryce Sandral, "as if lying in the belly of a sperm whale, a giant indigo dye vat".

But first of all, it is this blue that symbolizes the nomadic spirit, which combines the whims of daily life and travel, and presents it on your dining table.

These styles set sail from China, traveled across oceans, and draw inspiration directly from nature. Because of this, petals, daisies and honeycomb patterns are always so fresh and rich. Then in Japan, the wreath-like chrysanthemum became the emblem of the nobles and the seal of the royal family.

The enduring pinecone pattern comes to Lisbon, where tile painting enriches the pinecone pattern with endless variety, while Delft blue and white porcelain also introduces the star pattern. The countless exchanges between Europe and the East have made the story of "blue and white", and the abstract geometric pattern has become the most logical conclusion of this history.

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