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When choosing ceramic dinnerware, it is best not to use glaze decoration, especially the selected hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes, and chopsticks should not be painted on the inner wall, because the ceramic dinnerware of this process may contain lead and other metal components, and it is difficult It is easy to affect the function of human hematopoiesis, nerves, kidneys, blood vessels and other organs when used. When the human body ingests a certain amount of lead, symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain will appear, which is not conducive to the dining safety of hotel management. It is recommended that buyers of porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes and chopsticks for hotels can choose products decorated with underglaze or underglaze colors, such as "blue and white", among the ceramic dinnerware products. Regarding the purchase of hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes and chopsticks, in addition to the above-mentioned key factors, there are several purchasing guides, which are also worth noting for purchasers of hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes and chopsticks. Share it with you below~

Hotel porcelain cutlery dishes


One, look at the appearance. When purchasing products, you should pay attention to observe whether the shape of the product is correct, and avoid purchasing products with damage, spots and bubbles. When purchasing a complete set of ceramic products, the buyer should check in advance the glaze color, picture, luster, style, etc. of each utensil in the complete set of hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes, and chopsticks to see if they are well-proportioned, with the same style and theme. Unite.

Second, for products with special decoration, a simple test can be done before purchasing. For example, when choosing porcelain with gold and silver decorations, the buyer can first wipe the parts with gold and silver decorations on the product by hand. You can also measure the quality by tapping or. Before purchasing porcelain dinnerware, dishes and chopsticks for hotel use, buyers can choose to tap the product a few times. Products with a crisp sound are of better quality, while products with dull or hoarse sound after tapping may be of inferior quality.

Third, specific judgments can be made for individual hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes and chopsticks. For example, ceramic products with thin tires, when viewed under sunlight or light, have a sense of transparency, are thin and light, and have a uniform thickness. They are good products and can be used for reference and selection.

Professional and exquisite hotel porcelain dinnerware, dishes and chopsticks may be the crowning touch of hotel management and development. A good buyer of hotel supplies can choose from the perspective of consumers to choose porcelain dinnerware, dishes, dishes and chopsticks for hotels that are environmentally friendly, beautiful, innovative and in line with the hotel's positioning. This is a joy for consumers. The same is true for hotels.

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