Raw material amount of bone China cup grouting mud

October 19, 2023

1, the amount of bone powder will affect the transparency of porcelain, tone and sintering temperature.


2. The amount of bone meal in the bone China cup is proportional to the light transmittance of the porcelain. This is because when a large amount of bone meal is used, more rho Ca3 (PO4) 2 crystals will be formed in the bone China body, and the refractive index of the crystal is similar to the refractive index of the glass phase, so the light transmission can be improved.


3, the conversion of flux and skeleton action. When the content of bone meal is less than 20%, bone meal acts as a strong flux in the sintering process of silicate. When the content of bone meal is higher than 40%, bone meal plays the role of skeleton. The content is 20%? At 40%, the flux action and the skeleton action are combined at the same time, and the flux effect increases significantly with the reduction of the bone meal content, and then the sintering temperature reaches a minimum, and if the bone meal content is further reduced, the flux effect is then weakened until it disappears.


4, the change in the amount of bone meal and the change in the color of the porcelain is complex, and has a great relationship with the content of other components in the composition. In the lime-soil binary system, the color of porcelain and the content of bone meal have strong regularity, but there is no obvious regularity in the quartz-feldspar-clay multi-system of bone meal.


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