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September 12, 2023

1. White and soft

Since bone china uses calcium phosphate as the main raw material, the formula of the body contains very little iron and titanium. After firing, the calcium phosphate appears soft white, neither like the cold white color of traditional white porcelain, nor like talc porcelain. Instead of a harsh white, it presents a milky white that makes people feel more comfortable. Some people also like to describe it as "sweet white". If pottery is regarded as a man full of simple masculinity, then the bone china mug can be regarded as a gentle and virtuous beauty. The whiteness of bone china mugs is generally above 80%.


2. Good light transmittance

The refractive index of the phosphate glass in the bone china mug is very close to that of quartz, so the light loss is less, the light transmittance is better, and the translucency is better.


3. The shape of the device is regular

The bone china mug adopts a secondary firing process of high-temperature biscuit firing and low-temperature glaze firing. During firing, an imitation sagger is used for forced firing, so the product has a regular shape, which is incomparable to ordinary ceramics. The bone china mug production team has high requirements for saggers. For some products, especially plates, even if the semi-finished products are deformed, as long as a regular copying sagger is used during firing, the product can be shaped and regularized after firing. This is also the second One of the advantages of the secondary firing process.


4. Smooth glaze

Bone china mugs use a large amount of frit glaze, and frit glaze is a pre-processed glass body. When used, it reduces the reaction and reduces the possibility of more bubbles than ordinary raw glazes. Therefore, the glaze of bone china mugs is better than that of ordinary ones. Ordinary ceramic glazes are smoother, and the glossiness generally exceeds 100%.


5. Light and elegant

Bone china mugs use profiling sagger firing to solve the deformation problem, so the product can be made thinner without worrying too much about deformation, which is also incomparable with ordinary ceramics. It can be made more refined, lighter and more elegant according to the designer's requirements.


Tangshan win-win Ceramics is a company specializing in the production and processing of bone china dinnerware, ceramic water mugs, bone china tea sets, bone china coffee mugs, bone china advertising mugs, bone china gift mugs, conference mugs and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. We have always adhered to the tenet of "customer first, quality first, credibility first" and the development concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise, culture is the corporate brand", and attaches great importance to the innovative combination of traditional ceramic culture inheritance and modern ceramic culture.

About Win-Win

Tangshan Win-Win Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of professional ceramic tableware export experience,Tangshan Win-Win Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, located in the ceramic capital of China. The company has a cooperative production area of 30,000 square meters, with superb manufacturing technology, professional teams, high-level production capacity, and strict modern management. Win-win Ceramics combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, adheres to the policy of innovating products and pursuing artistic style; we provide exquisite products to meet the needs of different customers. Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Our brand is a win-win, known for our 20 years experience in exporting ceramic tableware and reliable quality. We have set up the company headquarters and exhibition hall in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, covering an area of 800 square meters. Our large showroom is dedicated to displaying coloured china tableware, white china tableware, applique china tableware, bone china tableware, new bone tableware, stoneware china tableware and tableware, etc. There are a variety of styles and sizes for customers to choose from, and the total number can reach tens of thousands. The range of products we offer in bone china,new bone china, porcelainware and stoneware can be from existing styles and designs or by creating custom designs to your specifications.Versatile patterns you can dress up or down.Interesting shapes to layer and colours that mix.Restaurant-style dishes for small tastes and sharing.We work with designers and artists from all over the world to create exclusive designs. Whatever the style,winwin ceramic will strive to fulfill your requirement in taste,price,and delivery-customer driven quality is our benchmark. Win-win Ceramics Co., Ltd. will show the world a new ceramic dining culture and create an excellent international brand mainly based on ceramic tableware. We look forward to establishing a good long-term cooperative relationship with you to create a win-win future.

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