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August 29, 2023

Bone china is the abbreviation of bone china, the scientific name bone china. It is a kind of porcelain made of animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw materials, which are fired twice by high-temperature biscuit firing and low-temperature glaze firing.


The so-called bone china was invented by the British in 1794. It is named after the ashes of herbivores such as cattle and sheep (preferably bovine bone powder) are added to its clay, and it is an environmentally friendly green consumer product.


The color of bone china is the unique natural milky white of natural bone meal. Generally speaking, porcelain containing 25% bone powder in the raw material can be called bone china. It is internationally recognized that the bone powder content is higher than 40%. The best bone china generally contains 51% high-quality bovine bone powder. Among them, the bone powder content is more than 40%, and the color of the appliance is more milky white, which belongs to high-grade bone china. In my country, only a few manufacturers in Tangshan, Zibo and other places produce and export.


After grouting, molding and pressing, dehydration of plaster mold, initial firing, glaze firing, decal paper baking and other processes, after high temperature firing, it becomes porcelain with high whiteness, high transparency and fine porcelain quality. During the firing process of bone china, there are extremely high requirements on its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other physical and chemical indicators, so the reject rate is very high. Due to the exquisite materials, fine production and strict standards, the value is higher than other porcelain types. The unique firing process and the addition of bone charcoal eliminate the impurities in the china clay, and the bone china appears whiter, finer, more transparent, lighter, less flawed, and thinner than ordinary porcelain, visually having a special Clean feeling, stronger than ordinary porcelain, twice as strong as daily-use porcelain. The higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of the clay, and the easier it is to burn and crack during the production process. Higher technology is required for shaping, which increases the difficulty of firing, so it is more precious.


Bone China Features:


1. Beautiful appearance: the porcelain is delicate and transparent, the shape is beautiful and elegant, the color surface is moist and bright, and the flower surface is colorful.


2. High grade: Produced in England, it has long been the special porcelain for British royals and nobles. It is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world. It has dual values of use and art. It is a symbol of power and status. It is known as the king of porcelain. .


3. Health products: bone charcoal from animals is the main choice for making bone china. Bone china will not contain excess lead and cadmium as other porcelain products.


4. Fine workmanship: secondary firing, complicated workmanship, only produced in Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Russia and Thailand. Three characteristics of bone china cups:


a. Cover the cup on the light bulb (of course, it can also be directed to the light). Strong light transmission and soft color are the top grade.


b. The whole body is milky white, the glaze is smooth, and the porcelain is light and thin, which is a high-quality product


c. Hitting with a porcelain spoon or flicking with your fingers, it is crisp and loud, like a bell.

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