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July 19, 2023

Bone China manufacturers tell you how to identify bone China: As we all know, porcelain collection is one of the most concerned categories in the Chinese collection. In recent years, with more and more people paying attention to and collecting porcelain, the circulation of collections in the market has not decreased but "the tide has risen", and there must be a certain number of fakes in the market. So how to identify the authenticity of porcelain?


First, distinguish the authenticity from the degree of aging of the glaze


1, first look at the glaze luster: the light is contained, like a mist covering it, which is a very aging glaze has "such as mist film skin", if the general state of aging glaze, but the light is soft, not dazzling.


2, the glaze aging to form plastic film-like local plaques and crystals: first of all, we must absolutely confirm that this plaque and crystals are natural and cannot be manufactured by manpower, then we can be sure that it is absolutely true ancient porcelain. The "plastic film aging spots" and "crystal spots" of this porcelain are not imitated by the most modern scientific and technological means. It is generally impossible for ancient porcelain to reach the degree of aging of this porcelain. Therefore, all the growth of similar "natural such as mist such as film" porcelain, is absolutely true ancient porcelain.


3. Plastic film crystal spots, snowflake crystal spots and crystal spots with distinct layers inside and outside the glaze layer coexist, which is completely natural. This multi-form and diversified aging characteristics appear at the same time on a piece of porcelain, which is powerless by modern science and technology.


Second, from the internal crystallization of the glaze layer to identify the authenticity


The internal aging of the glaze layer produces very regular crystallization, forming a flower shape, and the upper, middle and lower levels of the glaze layer are very clear. This is the effect of microphotography, you can't see it with the naked eye. It's impossible for humans to copy.


The glaze bubble breaks around the formation of aging "halo", there is a gradual transition level, the calcification around the broken hole is more serious, and the most edge of the halo is integrated with the normal glaze layer without obvious boundaries, which is the state of the damaged glaze bubble of natural aging - this aging damaged glaze bubble is common for the identification of all ancient porcelain.


Pay attention to observe the color and shape of the "halo" of the broken glaze bubble. All porcelain with this kind of glaze bubble hole with natural "halo" is undoubtedly genuine. This feature can be applied to all porcelain with damaged glaze bubbles.


In addition to the glaze bubbles and the grayish white crystals of the glaze surface, there are many incomplete flower-like crystals inside the glaze layer, which are developing into flower-like crystals. It shows that flower-like crystals cannot be completed at one time, but gradually and naturally "grow". This multi-form, gradually developing to the direction of flowers of natural crystals, but human can not "imitate"; The crystals manufactured by artificial "blending" of chemical elements have basically the same shape and no "polymorphic" changes. The magical forces of nature contribute to the formation of orderly physical states of disordered substances - for example: natural crystals, colorful stalactites in karst caves, chrysanthemum stones. Some people may not understand the flower-like crystals naturally formed in the glaze layer, thinking that it is made by people through modern scientific and technological means. There are many crystalline glazes produced by modern ceramics, but most of them are large flowers with single shape and one-time firing. If the crystal point of the needle is large, it is difficult to form clear flower-like crystals. Therefore, it can be said that any ordered crystal that can be seen with more than 40 times a magnifying glass or microscope and is a variety of styles can not be made by human power. The crystals inside the lower piece form a complete and wonderful chrysanthemum and prickly pear shape. Let's first look at the original appearance of the ceramic sheet magnified by 1 times: then use a magnifying glass of more than 40 times to observe the blue glaze layer like "kiln change" in the above picture, and the ordered crystals formed inside the glaze layer are like prickly pear needles; then use a magnifying glass of more than 40 times to observe the ordered crystals formed in the blue and yellow glaze layer inside the ceramic sheet, like chrysanthemums: Note that there are also those "petal-like" ordered crystals that do not form a complete flower, which are the "building blocks" that form the flower. It can not be said that all the crystals on the glaze body are true ancient porcelain, and the real ancient porcelain must have more "natural monuments" for its evidence. Because of the continuous exploration of modern glaze technology, manpower can fire smaller crystalline flowers (but the crystalline flowers that can be seen clearly with a high-magnification glass can not be made), and this crystalline flower has a single form, and there is no other "natural monuments" to confirm each other. And the overall glaze is very "tender" or "very dirty", or the glaze has "artificial corrosion marks". At present, only bluish yellow tea glaze and similar bluish yellow glaze can produce crystalline flowers inside the glaze layer through ingredients, other glaze colors may be different chemical elements, and some elements that produce "ordered crystallization" are simulated, so that the "natural crystallization" inside the glaze layer cannot be imitated.

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