Tangshan bone china manufacturers tell you the reasons that affect the translucency of bone china cup porcelain body

June 20, 2023

1. The reasons for the transparency of the porcelain body


The reason why the porcelain body is translucent is that when the light hits the porcelain body, part of it is reflected, part is absorbed, and part can pass through. This part of the light that passes through the porcelain body can make the porcelain body translucent.


2. Factors affecting the translucency of bone china cup porcelain body


(1) The more glass phase content in the structure, the higher the transparency.


(2) The pores and crystals in the structure are opaque substances.


Opaque substances will affect the improvement of light transmittance. The scattering caused by various phases with different refractive indices in the bone china cup body will reduce the translucency of the porcelain body. The more scattering interfaces, the greater the difference in refractive index between the phases, and the size of the scattering The closer to the visible wavelength, the greater the scattering. The refractive index of the glass matrix in the porcelain body is n≈1.5, quartz n≈1.55, mullite n≈1.64, and the pores in the pores are n≈1. Therefore, quartz has little effect on the translucency of the porcelain body, while mullite and pores will significantly reduce the transparency.

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