Is it bad for your health to drink water from ceramic cups? | Win-Win

June 01, 2023

Can ceramic water cup products in daily life affect our health? Especially some colorful ceramic products with brighter colors must pay attention to safety in daily use, but it does not mean that all ceramic water cups are harmful to the human body. Only glazed ceramic color-changing cups will affect people's health.


Therefore, we generally do not choose brightly colored glazes in our daily life, because the brighter the color, the more heavy metals exceed the standard. The dishes we use are best to use porcelain white. Why is the glaze color harmful to the human body? Because the glaze color and the underglaze color are fired after the painting is completed, and the firing temperature is generally above 1000 degrees Celsius. Due to the effect of high temperature, The radiation of some substances, especially some heavy metal materials, has been exhausted at high temperatures. Therefore, in daily life, high-temperature fired ceramics are often more expensive than ordinary ceramic cups. Why is it expensive? This is the reason !


Ceramic advertising cups or ceramic color-changing cups are colored or processed after firing, and their firing temperature is often relatively low, so there will be some cheap ceramic cup products on the market, so It is recommended that consumers go to some more reputable ceramic cup markets to buy healthier products, which is also a good guarantee for our health.

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