Artistic effects produced by bone china mug decals | Win-Win

May 10, 2023

Bone china mug decals are an important way to embellish products, make them even more powerful, and provide people with perfect spiritual enjoyment. The decoration is intuitive, and it is carried out on the surface of the bone china cup molding, so it belongs to the aspect of appearance quality. Appliques can be held before the glaze, or under the glaze and long on the glaze itself. Commonly used specific methods include monochrome glaze, variegated glaze, crackle glaze, glaze color, underglaze color and so on. The various decals mentioned above can be used alone or in combination.


Bone china mug decals are closely related to bone china mug styles, just like the human body and clothing are interdependent. In terms of the production process, the shape is then designed according to the needs of the shape, and the decal is for the shape. The purpose of the artistic effect of the decal arrives below.


If the bone china mug decal is just a style and the product without decals can only be a simple practical porcelain; that is to say, if the style is perfect, it will feel boring. It's doubly powerful when you add a proper fit to your winning look. At the same time, the decal decoration will give people different feelings, such as the blue glaze under the blue and green flowers will create a quiet and elegant mood; the traditional  pastel or barrel color on the decorative glaze will be gorgeous and colorful The decoration of the golden material has a gorgeous effect. Different decorations give people different spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, applique decoration is an important method and means of embellishing styles.


Bone china mug decal decoration changes the feeling of shape. Different decoration methods can produce different emotions and obtain different spiritual enjoyment. Different decorative forms and parts can achieve the effect of changing styles. Use individual motifs (applicable to patterns or Chinese seals) to adorn the main parts, one with side flowers or a single flower to adorn the mouth and raised part, and another with a full flower to complete the entire pattern. Since the decoration forms occupy different modeling spaces, the modeling images have different senses of change. Another example is rich styling. If it is decorated with a horizontal pattern and decorated on a raised side, the style is even richer. Instead, plan to embrace a straight-striped pattern that doesn't feel chunky. This is similar to the reason for the selected clothing pattern. Fat people should not wear horizontal stripe pattern cloth, but thin people are also suitable for wearing horizontal stripe pattern cloth. Therefore, the difference in the form of decoration will make the style change feeling. Therefore, using different decoration methods   similar styles of decal decoration will produce various modeling effects.

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