Tangshan Win-Win Bone China Manufacturer Explains the Making Process of Bone China Cup Flower Paper | Win-Win

April 03, 2023

Production process, and steps:


Bone china cup decals are a very important step in the production process of bone china cups. When the customer provides the company's logo and product design draft, it needs to be printed on bone china cups or bone china dinnerware. How to achieve it in detail? Yes, let me explain it to you step by step.


The first step, flower paper plate making

The so-called plate making is to convert the customer's trademark, pattern, pattern, and other design files into AI files required for making flower paper.


The second step: printing

Printing is the film that produces trademarks, screen patterns, and design drafts. Film (similar to the negative of a camera), in the process of making bone china mug product samples, this part (making film) costs relatively high. With the negative film (film sheet) of the product pattern, we will make the plate that needs to be printed.


Step Three: Toning

Toning means that we synthesize the various base colors of bone china cup pigments according to the plan to produce the required color according to a certain proportion. It is usually divided into automatic toning and manual toning. If the color needs to be composed of multiple colors, more than four colors, then manual color matching is required.


Step 4: Prototyping

After completing the above steps, we will make the first batch of sample decals on the semi-automatic decal machine, and bake them on the cup to test the color environment of the samples. If there is any deviation in the color, then we need to re-adjust until the product The required color is the color code required by the customer.


Step Five: Mass Production

After the samples are confirmed, the decals can now be mass-produced. Now we usually use fully automated machines to produce them. Generally, 3,000 decals can be produced every 8 hours, which roughly corresponds to the finished product volume of 30,000 cups.

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