What functional characteristics should be checked when buying a ceramic water tumbler? | Win-Win

March 27, 2023

Buying a ceramic drinking glass requires checking the functional characteristics:


1. If you choose a ceramic water cup for microwave ovens, you should avoid buying products with metal decorations, such as products with gold edges, silver edges, or gold flower paper, metal wire, and metal wire inlaid patterns.


2. For products washed in a dishwasher, it is advisable to choose products with thicker edges and arc-shaped reinforced edges, because such products are not easily damaged during the washing process.


3. For utensils containing acidic food, try to choose products with fewer surface decoration patterns.


4. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the color of the pattern is bright. If it is not bright, it may be that the temperature during the baking process has not met the requirements. The amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in such products is often high.


5. If you are worried about the product, you can soak it in vinegar for several hours. If you find that the color changes obviously, you should discard it.


6. Products marked for decoration cannot be used to hold food.


7. Pay special attention to those products whose patterns can be wiped off by hand. Such products often have extremely high dissolution of lead and cadmium.

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