Do you know how to identify high-grade bone china cups? | Win-Win

March 16, 2023

First, look at the color


Because bone china contains bone powder, the porcelain itself has a natural milky white color, which is slightly yellow in popular words. This feature cannot be imitated by any other types of porcelain. It is very popular in the market now. The main types of porcelain, such as white porcelain, shell porcelain, pearl porcelain, steatite porcelain, and magnesia reinforced porcelain, are all pure white. We can describe that pure white as bluish white. It is made of bone china, the degree of yellowing can show the level of bone powder content of bone china itself, for bone china, the content of bone powder is an important technical index to distinguish the grade of bone china, the more bone powder it contains, the higher the quality of bone china , the color of bone china tends to be milky white, on the contrary, if the content of bone powder is low, the yellow of bone china itself is very obvious.


Second, see through


Another important external feature of bone china is permeability due to its own formula, but this feature is not exclusive to bone china. Currently, shell porcelain, white porcelain, pearl porcelain, and reinforced porcelain on the market are only made of thinner ones. There is permeability, but there is a difference between bone china and their permeability. For many customers and friends, it is very convenient to see the difference in permeability by looking at the bowl-shaped container and pouring the different porcelain bowls When buckled on the light bulb, the transparent effect they play is different. The high-grade bone china with high bone powder content is transparent as a whole, and the bone china with low bone powder content has obvious transparent effect with other types of porcelain. different.


Three, listen to the sound


Another important external characteristic of bone china is the sound it makes when bone china collides due to the production formula. Put two high-grade bone china cups on the flat hands to collide. Note that bone china It is porcelain fired at high temperature, and its hardness is very high. This kind of collision will not cause damage. Please pay attention to friends, you can use a little force to collide. The sound of the clock is clear and crisp, and there is an echo, and the echo takes a long time, while other porcelains make a dull ding~ sound, and there is basically no echo.


Fourth, touch the bottom of the cup


The bottom of a finely crafted bone china cup has to be polished twice to prevent slipping and scratch the tabletop. This is to test the craftsmanship of a porcelain from the details; at present, the bone china made by famous manufacturers Pay attention to the handling of this manufacturing process, the bottom of the product is very smooth to the touch.


Five, choose the brand


At present, there are many bone china manufacturers in China, and many unscrupulous merchants use "fake bone china" fired once to pretend to be real bone china. Therefore, consumers should choose well-known domestic bone china manufacturers when purchasing bone china products. The brand products manufactured by manufacturers, like our Win-Win Ceramics, insist on using real bone china to make bone china cups.

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