What are the formulas of general ceramic glazes?

March 14, 2023

The editor of the bone china manufacturer tells you the glaze formula of the ceramic glaze:


1. Raw glaze

All the raw materials used for the glaze are not pre-selected and melted, and are directly mixed with water to make a slurry.


2. Frit glaze

Before the glaze is made into slurry, part of the raw materials are first melted into a glass-like substance and quenched into small pieces (frit) with water, and then mixed with the rest of the raw materials and ball-milled to form a glaze slurry.


3. Salt glaze

This glaze does not need to be prepared in advance, but when the product is calcined to a high temperature, salt is put into the kiln, and the volatile matter of the salt forms a thin layer of glass on the surface of the green body.


4. Earth glaze

This glaze is directly used as a glaze after washing natural colored clay.


5. Feldspar glaze

This glaze is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, lime, and clay. It is characterized by high hardness, strong luster, transparency, soft feeling, and wide firing range.


6. Lime glaze

This glaze is mainly made of calcium oxide as a flux, and the number of molecules of calcium oxide should account for more than half. The lime glaze has good elasticity and strong luster. It can also be fired into matt glaze and opacified glaze. Easy to smoke.


7. Lead glaze

This glaze part uses lead oxide as a flux, which is often used together with boron oxide to strongly reduce the melting temperature of the glaze. The biggest advantages of lead and lead-boron glaze are strong gloss and good elasticity, which can be applied to various blanks Body, and can enhance the color glaze, but considering the harm of lead poisoning, it should be used as little as possible at present.

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