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February 17, 2023

May many people do not know that the selection of ceramic water cup is also a university ask, some ceramic utensils have a certain harm to human health, because they use glaze color decoration. The glaze color contains certain harmful effects of lead and other metals, lead will affect the hematopoietic, nerve, kidney, blood vessels and other organ functions. When people ingest certain amounts of lead, they can experience vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Therefore, once neglect, this meal must use daily necessities, will be like a trace poison - medicine, gradually affect the health of the body. The following ceramic cup custom manufacturers will tell you to choose the ceramic cup matters needing attention.


1, choose ceramic water cup do not choose glaze color decoration, especially the ceramic water cup inner wall do not paint. Underglaze or mid-glaze decoration can be selected, such as blue and white is a kind of ceramic people like to decorate with underglaze color.


2, buy back the ceramic water cup, first soak in vinegar water and boil, so that most of the toxic substances can be removed, greatly reducing the potential harm of ceramic water cup to the human body.


3. Do not store acidic food, juice, wine, coffee and other drinks with ceramic water cups for a long time. The longer the ceramic cup holds acidic food or drinks, the higher the temperature, the more likely it is to dissolve lead, which is equal to aggravating the toxic side effects of lead leaching.


4, the shape is correct, whether there is damage, spots, bubbles, smooth. The surface is prickly, freckle, and even cracked ceramics, the lead contained in the glaze is easy to spill, not suitable for water cups.


5. When choosing gold and silver decorated porcelain, rub it with your hand and it will not fade.


6, tap a few times, the sound is clear and good quality, the voice is dull or hoarse is inferior quality.


7. Most porcelain adhesives contain high lead, and it is not suitable to do water cups after porcelain filling.


8, porcelain surface glaze is fired after 800 degrees above the temperature, less than 800 degrees, low temperature glaze will be harmful to the human body. Up to 1350 degrees porcelain is best.


9, buy a complete set of ceramic products, to see each piece of enamel color, picture, luster, style is uniform symmetry, coordination.


10, thin tire ceramic products in the sun or light to take care of, to have a sense of transparency, thin and light, and uniform thickness.


I believe that through the introduction of the ceramic cup custom manufacturer, you must know how to choose the ceramic cup, I hope you can choose the satisfactory cup when you buy the ceramic cup in the future.

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