Bone china manufacturers tell you the 12 processes of custom grouting for advertising cups | Win-Win

January 05, 2023

Mold cleaning→mold closing→concentration measurement→passing basket→grouting→slurry release→mold opening→blank trimming→bonding→stamping→drying→blank plastering


1. Custom mold cleaning for advertising cups: Clean the inside and outside of the model to avoid impurities.


2. Custom mold matching for advertising cups: Close the models one by one without leaving any gaps and tie them firmly.


3. Customized concentration of advertising cup: beat the pulp in the pulp tank evenly, and use the concentration meter to measure the required concentration.


4. Customized advertising cup ladle: put the slurry of suitable concentration into the grouting bucket, so as to ensure that no impurities are mixed in the pulp.


5. Customized grouting for advertising cups: pour the grout into the assembled model, and pay attention to adding grout frequently.


6. Customized grouting for advertising cups: After grouting for a certain period of time, when the green body reaches the required thickness, release the excess pulp in the model (solid grouting does not grout).


7. Advertising cup custom mold opening: when the green body in the model hardens to a certain extent, open the model. Depending on the specific situation, take out the green body or take it out after a while.


8. Custom billet trimming of advertising cups: Trim the billet with a certain hardness according to the shape requirements. Circular objects are generally turned on a machine wheel, while figures, animals, and special-shaped objects are manually trimmed.


9. Customized bonding of advertising cups: bonding all parts of the green body together to form a complete green body.


10. Custom stamping of advertising cups: The repaired green body is printed with the name of the kiln or the producer on the bottom and foot. There are also prefabricated name stamps, and then bonded to the green body.


11. Customized drying of advertising cups: the trimmed green body is dried in a place with a certain temperature.


12. Customized plastering of advertising cups: after drying, use a sponge to dip in water to wipe off the surface of the billet to make it meet the requirements of the fine billet.

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