10 knowledge of bone china cup mold custom manufacturers | Win-Win

December 28, 2022

1. Glue together all kinds of accessories that need to be connected, that is, repair glue. Such as sticking tubes, sticking rings, sticking bottoms, sticking shelves, etc., and finally completing the appearance of the product, the moisture content of the sanitary ceramic body is generally 15% to 17% when the body is repaired and bonded. 2% to 3% lower to avoid cracking due to uneven shrinkage (generally, the part blank shrinks faster than the main blank).


2. Determine the correct opening conditions. If the green body is too soft, the injection part will be deformed: if it is too hard, there will be a risk of cracking later.


3. According to the different styles of products, select the correct punching position and angle.


4. Knife design and sharpening.


5. Cutting technique to avoid tearing.


6. Correctly grasp the drying speed. After the humidity is lower than the critical humidity, the green body shrinks very little, and can be dried quickly without cracking.


7. Keep the environment clean during the working process to avoid the green body from being polluted.


8. Especially when moving large blanks, the blanks will not be damaged. This requires proper working posture, technique and strength.


9. Complete trimming before the skin becomes hard, so as to minimize harmful flying dust.


10. After the holidays, dispose of over-aged mud and mold.

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