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November 14, 2022

The main raw material of ceramic cups is mud, not rare metals, which will not waste our living resources, nor pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, nor poisonous and harmless. The selection of ceramic cups reflects the awareness of environmental protection and the care of our living environment.


The ceramic cup is environmentally friendly, durable and practical. It is the crystallization of soil, water and fire. Natural raw materials, combined with the power of nature and integrated with human technology, have created a daily necessities that are indispensable in our lives. The invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization - it is the first time that human beings use natural things according to their own will. A brand new thing created. Judging from the late Paleolithic pottery pieces found in the Nihewan area of Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, the production of pottery in China has a long history of many years.



According to temperature can be divided into

1. Low temperature ceramic cup


The firing temperature of low-temperature porcelain is 700-900 degrees.


2. Medium temperature ceramic cup

Generally, it refers to ceramics whose firing temperature is around 1000-1200 degrees.


3. High temperature ceramic cup

The firing temperature of high-temperature porcelain is above 1200 degrees.

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