Development Status of my country's Daily Ceramic Industry

November 09, 2022

1. China has become the world's largest manufacturer of daily-use ceramics


my country is a major producer of daily-use and architectural ceramics, and its output has ranked first in the world for more than ten consecutive years. At present, there are about 3000-3500 daily ceramic operation lines in the country, which are distributed in various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country. In 2010, the output of daily-use ceramics has reached 26.7 billion pieces, accounting for more than 62% of the world's output (5 million yuan enterprise scale statistics), and the total export volume is 1.84 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of the world's total trade.


2. China's daily ceramic production technology and product prices are still at a low level


Although my country is a big country in the production of ceramics, it is not a strong country in production. The products are mainly middle and low-grade, with low added value, and the price in the international market is not high. Ceramic enterprises generally lack the ability of independent innovation, and the level of production technology is still at a low level.


(1) Huge pressure on resources, energy and environment


Ceramics for daily use is a high-consumption, high-energy-consumption, and high-pollution industry. A large amount of mineral resources and energy are consumed in the production process, and the generated waste gas, waste water, waste residue, dust, etc. will cause serious pollution to the environment. In some areas with high production intensity and developed economy, the ceramic industry is particularly serious in terms of environmental pollution such as air, water and land. Every year, it consumes 8-10 million tons of selected raw materials, consumes 5.7 million tons of standard coal, and emits 17.3 million tons of CO2, SO2 and other waste gases.


(2) The design, decoration and equipment are backward, the product quality is not high, and there are few famous brands


There is a high degree of similarity in production equipment and production capacity among daily ceramic enterprises. Due to repeated construction, the number of daily-use ceramics enterprises is large, but most of them are generally weak in scale and strength. The scientific research investment for new product development is not high, the technical and product design talents are lacking, the strength is weak, the awareness of independent innovation and design is not strong, and they are satisfied with imitation and improvement, resulting in many enterprises producing the same products, leading to vicious competition; equipment technology Progress is slow, and informatization, automation, and intelligence are still at a low level. Although many domestic enterprises have begun to attach importance to brands, their efforts are not enough. Many ceramic companies only know how to make products and do not pay attention to branding and cultivating and operating brands. The brand influence is very weak and the company's reputation is not high.


(3) The development concept is conservative, the management concept is backward, and the development potential is insufficient


my country's daily-use ceramics industry is developing rapidly. Although the contribution of innovation cannot be denied, the input of capital and labor is still the main way. Business owners and managers are generally not highly educated, lack modern business management knowledge, long-term development strategies and standardized management systems. Among managers, the idea of "small wealth is safe" is relatively common, and many enterprises lack the motivation for further development after they have formed a scale. In addition, many enterprises do not pay attention to talents, lack the people-oriented development concept, employ people arbitrarily, and have limited space for talents to play their roles, making it impossible to attract and retain 

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