What are the components of the ceramic water cup? | Win-Win

November 08, 2022

The main components of ceramic water cups are kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, china clay, colorants, blue and white materials, lime glaze, lime alkali glaze, etc. Jingdezhen ceramic cup is mainly made of kaolin ceramic raw material, which is a kind of clay mainly composed of kaolinite. It is named after it was first discovered in Gaoling Village, northeast of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. Its chemical experimental formula is: Al203·2SiO2·2H20, and the weight percentages are: 39.50%, 46.54%, 13.96%. Pure kaolin is dense or loose lumps with white and light gray appearance. When contaminated by other impurities, it can be dark brown, pink, beige, etc., with a greasy feeling, easy to knead into powder, white color after calcination, high refractoriness, is an excellent porcelain raw material.

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