Tea Sets


Tea utensils usually refer to tea-drinking utensils such as teapots, teacups, tea bowls, tea trays, tea cups, and saucers. A set of exquisite tea sets, accompanied by a pot of good tea, arranged for cups and tea, not only the friendship between cousins and friends, but also the display and appreciation of works of art.

Benefits of black tea:

1. It can strengthen the stomach, help digestion, delay aging, and also have the effect of lowering blood sugar.

2. It can reduce inflammation and sterilize, and make protein precipitation fix. It can also destroy pathogenic bacteria. Can prevent food poisoning.

3. It can increase the blood flow of the kidney, improve the filtration rate of the glomerulus, and expand the microvessels of the kidney.

4. It can promote body fluid and clear heat, stimulate the secretion of saliva, and make the mouth feel more moisturised.


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