1. What are the characteristics of glass tableware

1. Excellent airtightness and freshness: It has all the characteristics of ordinary fresh-keeping boxes including freshness and airtightness;

2. Health and safety: The body of the fresh-keeping box is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, and the cover is made of high-grade PP and imported silica gel materials, and does not contain mercury, lead, cadmium (such as heavy metals), PVC and other harmful substances. Human harmless green products.

3. The high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material has a high safety factor, and will never have a self-explosion phenomenon similar to tempered glass.

4. Strong heat and cold resistance: it can withstand high temperature or low temperature for a long time (-20℃-120℃) and can be safely used in the dishwasher. Regardless of long-term heating or freezing, it will never deform.


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