Going deep into every detail of life, even the most common cups on the table are very unique.Ceramic cup and saucer set, with a warm and rich texture. Simple and elegant, I believe this is also the most attractive place for you. The color and texture, the moment of natural flow, are frozen by high temperature, and the effect is really wonderful.The clear glaze on the body of the cup makes it more crystal-clear and translucent. Every mug will be slightly different, but it's just that the mug you get has its own uniqueness, isn't it?

The capacity of the cup is about 300ml, which is very small, and the design of the heart-shaped handle makes it more playful. After I used it at a friend's house, I went back and started a set. I really like it, and the saucer is also relatively large.Celebrate afternoon tea with delicious finger sandwiches, macaroons and elegant teacups. Or, satisfy your morning cravings with low-sitting tea cups for coffee that keep both your Americanos and lattes warm; petite tea cups are great alternatives to espresso cups. For quick cleanup, consider teacups with saucers that catch small coffee drippings and act as a resting place for your coffee spoons or used tea bags. Either way, tea cups are a convenient solution when switching up your go-to beverage.


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