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The advantages of porcelain bowls

1. It has good chemical stability. Household porcelain bowls generally have certain alkali resistance, acid resistance, salt resistance and carbon dioxide corrosion in the atmosphere. It is generally very difficult to react with these substances and will not rust or age.

2. Easy to clean and clean. The enamel on the surface of household porcelain bowls is bright and delicate, and oil stains are easy to wash off after eating. 3, richly painted decoration. The high-temperature glaze and blue-and-white decoration in the porcelain bowl have no chemical hazards, and consumers can use it with confidence.

3. Has good thermal stability. Even if the porcelain bowl is subjected to changes in the temperature difference between rapid heat and rapid cooling, it is generally not easy to burst. Use china bowls to hold boiling water or scalding hot food so it doesn't get too hot to the touch.

4.Porcelain bowls have very few pores and very low water absorption. Generally, porcelain bowls are used to store food. After being tightly sealed, it can effectively prevent the volatilization and penetration of water in the food and the invasion of external bacteria.

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