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Ceramic tableware includes new bone china, bone china, stoneware and porcelain.

Bone china is a very strong and light ceramic with a delicate and delicate appearance. It is lighter than porcelain and porcelain, and is very suitable for high-end places.

Porcelain is a special type of ceramic that is fired at very high temperatures and has excellent strength, durability and translucent qualities. Ceramic tableware is more suitable for casual, everyday setting, while ceramic tableware is suitable for formal dining.

Ceramic tableware is a tableware made of fine-grained clay fired at high temperature. Kaolin is the main raw material for porcelain making. Other raw materials include feldspar, quartz, ball clay, glass and ash. Once the clay is shaped, it has to be fired in a kiln to a higher temperature (usually between 1200 and 1400°C) yes. After firing, the surface of the ceramic tableware takes on a hard, glassy and translucent appearance. The edges of the porcelain are reinforced and thickened to prevent scratches and cracks. Sometimes potters coat these with pigments and glazes before firing. After special processing, it can be safely used in heating appliances such as microwave ovens and ovens.

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