Maintenance of ceramic water cups | Win-Win

November 04, 2022

First of all, most of the finished ceramic water cups contain some elements that are seriously harmful to our human health. For example, the familiar lead is one of them. Therefore, generally newly bought ceramic water cups can be fused with a certain concentration of vinegar, and all the water cups can be immersed in water and boiled for disinfection, which can remove some toxic substances on the products.


In addition, the newly purchased ceramic water cups can be boiled in salt water for a period of time at the beginning, so that the ceramic products will not be easily broken, thus prolonging their service life and saving expenses for the family. .


To clean the used ceramic water cup, first use hot water to completely dissolve the stains on the entire water cup, then you can use loofah to wipe it thoroughly, and then rinse it thoroughly with cold water.


Ceramic water cups are generally prone to breakage. Try not to overlap them directly when placing them, so as to avoid damage to the surface of various water cups.

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