How to distinguish the quality of bone china cups? | Win-Win

October 25, 2022

There are many types of bone china cups, among which porcelain cups include celadon, white porcelain, colored porcelain, etc., and bone china is a high-grade porcelain recognized in the world because of its exquisite materials, fine production and strict standards. Below, the editor will tell you how to distinguish the quality of bone china cups.


1. Look at the color of the bone china cup


The color mentioned here mainly depends on the color of the carcass part of the bone china that does not cover the flower surface. The color of high-quality bone china with high bone char content should be milky white or called milky white. Bone china is not as white as possible, natural milky white is good bone china;


2. Listen to the sound


There are two ways to listen to the sound. The first is to hold the bone china cup in the palm of one hand (note: do not hold it in the palm of your hand), and the other hand flicks off the edge of the cup mouth of the bone china. The sound of bone china is clearer and has a crisp echo like a bell. The longer the sound, the smoother the carcass and the better the quality of the porcelain. The second is to inject about one-third of the water in the bowl, dip some water in one hand and move along the edge of the cup to make a "chirp" resonance sound, the bigger the cup, the more obvious the effect;


3. Permeability


Hold the bone china cup in your hand and observe. The color of a good bone china cup is natural milky white unique to natural bone powder. Observe the permeability of the bone china against the bright light to see whether the composition of the cup is meticulous or not. Good bone china It should be transparent and uniform without impurities.


4. Touch the bottom of the bowl


Why do you need to touch the bottom of the cup? Because the bottom of a finely crafted cup needs to be polished twice, which is not only slip-resistant but also prevents scratching the tabletop. This is the process of testing a porcelain from the details;


5. Hardness measurement


Bone china looks very thin, giving people a very fragile feeling. In fact, the hardness of such bone china is about three times that of ordinary ceramics. Normally, it is not a big problem to touch two small bowls together. Most of the merchants will show the collision effect to the customer when they introduce it to the customer on the spot, but generally try not to try it. It is enough to understand that there is this method.


The above 5 points are 5 ways to distinguish the quality of bone china cups. Tangshan win-win ceramic bone china has a high-quality texture. Compared with ordinary traditional porcelain, bone china has good light transmittance and can be elegant and bright, like jade. Warm texture. In addition, bone china has the characteristics of high plasticity, which can make the glaze smooth, colorful and attractive, and the texture is hard and durable. Complete sets of bone china dinnerware are high-end dinnerware and generally have a higher price.

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