How many steps do you know about the production process of bone china cups?

October 24, 2022

1. The first is to match the raw materials. When we make any porcelain, we must first prepare the raw materials before we can make it. The raw materials needed to make bone china cups are mainly feldspar and clay, as well as the ashes of cattle that have been removed from impurities. After the materials are prepared, they are matched in a certain proportion and put into a ball mill for grinding, and then mixed with a mixer, so that the raw materials for making bone china cups are basically ready.


2. Followed by making a model. Model making is an important part of firing porcelain, and it is related to the appearance of the next step. Model making can be done by machine or manually. Care must be taken during the production process, so it is affected by the proportion of raw materials of bone china cups. Influence, the viscosity of the produced model is not very large, and the model making has certain difficulties compared with other porcelain, which needs to be paid attention to.


3. Finally, the porcelain is fired. This is the most critical step in making bone china cups. Generally, it can be divided into two steps. One is high-temperature biscuit firing and low-temperature glaze firing. The temperature and time during the two-step firing process must be well controlled. For bursting, generally the high temperature should be controlled at about 1250 degrees Celsius, and the low temperature should be controlled at about 1150 degrees Celsius. After the firing is completed, the porcelain can be classified according to the fineness of the fired porcelain, and then it can enter the market or be sold with a special mark after passing the strict inspection of the relevant institutions.

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