Why are bone china cups so much more expensive than ordinary ceramic cups? | Win-Win

October 10, 2022

The formation of bone china cups mainly depends on the higher the content of silica, alumina, calcium oxide and calcium oxide, the better the color. Bone china is made from animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz. The most commonly used are the bones of cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals. The British believe that 2-4 year old calf bone is the best plasticity. Bovine bone is the best raw material for bone china, while pork bone is the worst. Using feldspar and kiwi clay as the main raw materials, a large amount of bovine bone meal with few impurities is added to the raw material to form high-quality bone china: due to the large amount of bone meal, the viscosity of the soil has changed and is contained in the raw material. Therefore, during the production process, both forming and manufacturing require extra care. The bone china cup is exquisite in material, fine in production and strict in standards, and its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other indicators are extremely high. Due to the complexity of the high-grade bone china cup process, it is difficult to make ordinary daily-use porcelain, and its production technology is difficult to popularize.

The high temperature required for the bone china cup needs to be steamed at a high temperature of 900-1000°C for degreasing, then tempered at a temperature of 900-1300°C, and then cleaned, iron-removed, and dried. Bone china is light in weight and has a hard sound as pleasant as metal thumping. The name of bone china is "as thin as paper, as white as jade, and as bright as mirror". In short, you know why the price of bone china is high. A good set of bone china cups can not only add luster to life, but also have a certain collection value!

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