How does the ceramic water mug customization industry avoid market imitation?

August 30, 2023

In the environment of customization of ceramic mugs and water mugs, it is necessary to avoid market imitation. Sometimes our products can be found similar to ours as soon as they are produced. So we need to strengthen to avoid market imitation.


We mainly focus on the following three aspects in order to fundamentally reduce the appearance of this kind of imitation.


1. In terms of product characteristics and configuration, we need to add new technology to make our products and products on the market stand out with obvious features. This is very important in the development of our ceramic water mug customization industry.


Second, we can work harder on the anti-counterfeiting marks of ceramic water mugs. In addition, we also remind consumers and merchants when selling that our products can only be successfully produced under such signs and ingredients, and we have never separated our customized ceramic mugs from the "magic hand ceramic mugs" on the market It turns out that it is difficult to maintain the market without a strict execution force. So we must put more effort in this aspect, let our products highlight the characteristics of our products in these characteristics, so that our products may develop for a long time.


3. Strictly control the sales channels of the products, so as to establish a production patent in the ceramic water mug customization industry, so that the "imitation of the magic hand" of ceramic water mugs is beyond the reach. Under this system, our products are only allowed with permission. Production and sales, so that we can fully guarantee our patentability. This is particularly important in the development of our ceramic water mug customization industry.


With these three guarantees, we can preliminarily avoid the infringement of our product patents and the impact on our ceramic water mug enterprises by the imitation of ceramic water mugs, and our entire ceramic water mug industry can develop on the right track in the continuous development.

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