How much temperature water can a bone china mug hold? | Win-Win

May 29, 2023

Bone china cups are made of more than 25% natural bone powder and clay materials. The firing temperature is not as high as that of high-temperature porcelain such as blue and white porcelain, but it can also be regarded as the bisque firing temperature of about 1200 ° C. Therefore, under normal circumstances, real bone china Pour 100 ℃ boiling water is no problem. As for the general environment, the following will come one by one.


Bone china cups are made with natural bovine bone powder added to the raw materials. We have said this, but now the domestic bone china market is a bit chaotic. You may buy new bone china, that is, high-white porcelain that uses chemical ingredients to replace bovine bone powder. , Although the new bone china has light transmission, but because of the use of chemical ingredients will produce harmful substances, I don't know if it can withstand 100 ℃ boiling water. As for low bone china, it is the same as above. Friends who are worried about buying new bone china or low bone china can see the identification method. Of course, there is also "the difference between ordinary bone china, new bone china and high-quality bone china". From the pictures, you can directly see the difference between new bone china, ordinary bone china (because the bone powder content is higher than that of low bone china, so the light transmission is better), and high-quality bone china. As for real bone china, first of all, it is no problem to pour hot water at a non-specific low temperature (if it is a waste of high-quality bone china to fill hot water, then it has a way out), but it is hot and cold. It, it also has character, like porcelain being destroyed.


The water we usually drink from the water dispenser does not actually reach 100°C, and it is generally 85~95°C. Because ordinary water dispensers use pure water, the bacteria content is very small, so even if the water is not 100°C, it is no problem, and friends don't have to worry too much. No one would think, since the water dispenser can’t reach the temperature, we’ll boil it with a kettle... Actually, I won’t tell you, even if the water in the kettle boils, it’s impossible and it must be 100 ℃. Our boiling water is only over 90 degrees. As for areas with high altitudes, the water may boil when the temperature reaches 80°C. Uh, it’s a bit unfortunate. Of course, some warm water can boil, but it’s basically the same to see if the water boils. It can be regarded as part of our daily living habits. Boiling water means that it has been sterilized and can be drunk. If you don’t hear the gurgling sound of boiling water, you may feel very wrong. There is nothing wrong with this. Living habits, we just need to feel good.


Although the normal water temperature is less than 100°C, it is almost the same. Those who use plastic cups can check whether the bottom of their cups is marked with "PP" that can withstand high temperatures. As for the cool white leaves, don’t drink them after staying overnight, you can water flowers or something.

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