Win-win bone china manufacturers talk about the performance comparison between ceramic water cups and plastic cups

May 23, 2023

Since the main material of ceramic water cup products is soil, relatively speaking, this resource is relatively extensive, so there is no waste of resources, relatively speaking, the damage to the environment is relatively small, in view of our awareness of environmental protection Therefore, it is recommended that we use ceramic water cups in our lives, because it will be better for our health and practicality.


Moreover, the thermal conductivity of ceramic products is relatively poor, so we can say that it is a good product in the summer when we use it. Therefore, in the hot summer, when we usually drink hot products, it is difficult for some other performance products. It is directly touched by hand, and there is no such problem in ceramic products. Therefore, it is relatively safe in actual use. In the winter use, we can also choose ceramic products, because although the thermal conductivity of ceramic products is not as good as that of plastic products, the durability of heat preservation is relatively high. Once we can use this as a hand warmer Pot or other products, this kind of heat preservation performance is also relatively good.


In addition, in terms of the production process, ceramic products have the advantage of not fading in terms of surface color and diversity, so whether it is in terms of personal life quality or safety, the performance of ceramic products is unmatched. comparable.

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