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May 22, 2023

Bone china mugs are very common in our life. The luster of bone china mugs We should not know how to distinguish its authenticity, but any porcelain has luster, and correctly understanding and distinguishing the luster on porcelain is an essential method to determine the authenticity of bone china mugs. What kind of "light" is on the bone china cup?

1. Stealing light, also known as Xinguang, big fire, floating light, a kind of light emitted from the appearance of bone china cup, just like it just came out. A bone china mug with this light is usually considered brand new. However, not every bone china mug with this stealthy light is new.


2. Baoguang, a kind of warm luster like bright jade. This kind of Baoguang is an exquisite bone china cup and a fine work of glazed porcelain. It can withstand the attack of oxides and the detection of human wear, and even if it is hundreds of years old, it still shines brightly.


3. There is no light, although reflection will not produce obvious light, but it should also be a light. This matte bone china mug is generally considered to be an even older bone china mug. From the original light to the present, the lack of light is due to long-term chemical effects in the air and long-term use by everyone. However, after some new bone china cups are artificially processed, they can also remove the appearance of fire and become dull, but in essence they are new bone china cups.

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