What are the advantages of bone china? Why do you say bone china is high? | Win-Win

May 17, 2023

Now everyone says that bone china is a very high-grade porcelain, why? The following bone china manufacturers will answer why for you.


First: better hardness and strength

Compared with ordinary porcelain, bone china cups may not be easily damaged. Of course, all porcelain is easily damaged. It can only be said that bone china cups are relatively hard to break, and have better hardness and strength. The reason is that the light transmittance is good, why do we sometimes think that a certain porcelain is better.


Second: Its light transmittance is very good

Many restaurants will customize related cups and related bone china dinnerware. Why? I just think that the transparency of bone china is particularly good.


Imagine having such dinnerware at night, which is always silent when guests are eating and using it, and at the same time exudes a high-end luster, which is also a special honor for the restaurant. Such bone china dinnerware also feels very high-end, and such dinnerware can also enhance the user's psychological experience in the actual use process, so now many high-end occasions are customizing this kind of cups and dinnerware.


‍Transparency is very good, and this feeling is particularly good. Generally speaking, bone china is milky white or milky yellow, but we can find its texture is very light and very tough when we look at it under the light. ‍‍In the process of actual application The effect is very beautiful.


Third: It has a certain degree of heat preservation

Whether you are holding a cup or some other dinnerware, it can show very good characteristics of use, so it is not only a beautiful looking porcelain, but also a better type of use. ‍‍So nowadays we prefer bone china.

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