What is the difference between synthetic bone meal and natural bone meal in bone china?

May 15, 2023

Natural bone meal is obtained from the bones of herbivorous animals, and is obtained by steaming, degreasing, air-drying, calcination and grinding. Animal bone meal is best based on bovine bone meal, because bone china is made of bovine bone meal and is The color of bone china is whiter, while the other kind of bone china is yellow. Of course, bone meal is the raw material, the more the better, generally use 2 to 4-year-old calf, because its iron content is very low, so the bone meal made from calf is very good bone china. In the popular science definition of bone china, bone china is a kind of natural bone powder china containing more than 25% raw materials. Therefore, only those with the above materials can be called bone china. Successful bone china products have the following characteristics: fine porcelain, light weight, few defects, thin wall, and low water absorption.


Synthetic bone powder is mainly caused by the neutralization reaction between calcium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, and then calcined at high temperature. Porcelain made from synthetic bone meal has a certain excretivity, and because it contains tricalcium phosphate, the main component of bone meal, it is called new bone china. The benevolent sees wisdom and sees wisdom. Synthetic bone powder does have a certain effect. New bone china is a synthetic product of chemical materials, and the cost is relatively low. It is made by adding shell powder, coral, etc. to the raw materials, and then fired twice. Shell porcelain is difficult to mass-produce, so it is not recognized as a high-grade porcelain in the world.

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