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April 13, 2023

The bone china cup is called bone china in English, but it has little to do with the Chinese. It was invented by the British who love porcelain. Its light and transparent texture has been widely welcomed for hundreds of years.


Hundreds of years ago, Europe was crazy about Chinese porcelain, and some British people tried to make it themselves, but they couldn't master the method and couldn't make good porcelain. Until one day in 1784, one of these cottage manufacturers got too drunk, mixed the ashes of his neighbor into the embryo soil and burned it. As a result, the finished product is very transparent, which is the predecessor of the bone china cup.


After that, Josiah Spode started to produce this kind of porcelain and named it stoke china, and his son gradually improved it and renamed it bone china. This name has been passed down to this day, and Europe has since then had porcelain that can compete with China.


The raw materials of Chinese porcelain are mainly kaolin, porcelain stone and a small amount of lime. Bone china cups generally contain 30-45% bone powder in raw materials, so they can have better light transmittance and can be made thinner, so bone china cups look crystal clear and have a good feel and appearance. Royal Doulton is an industry leader in the bone china cup industry. It has been used by the British royal family for a hundred years, so it can be crowned with the word "royal". Wedgwood, who is good at relief crafts, also has many fans in China. Just looking at the photos can't control the girls' hearts. Tmall has a flagship store, and major shopping malls in Shanghai have special counters, which are very convenient to buy.

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