Will the bone china cup turn yellow after a long time? | Win-Win

April 06, 2023

Bone china (bone china), the raw material of pottery and natural animal bone meal, the color of bone china will vary according to the bone meal content. The higher the bone meal content, the whiter the bone china will be; on the contrary, the lower the bone meal content, the yellower the bone china will be.


High-quality bone china is bone china with a bone meal content of more than 43%. The color is milky white (similar to milk powder with yellow in the white), relatively soft, moist as jade, highly regular, fine porcelain, and extremely water-absorbent. Low, so it is easy to clean, and has a unique sense of cleanliness visually.


Will the bone china cup turn yellow after a long time? High-quality bone china, its color itself is not easy to change. For example, there are many bone china antique shops in foreign countries that sell bone china. If the bone china turns yellow after a long time, the sensory experience will not be so good, and few people buy it at a high price. Back to favorites. Generally, if it turns yellow, the bone china itself may not be good, or the bone china has not been well maintained. Because bone china is lead-free healthy porcelain, it is easier to be stained than others. So when using bone china, we need to pay attention to the following:


It is recommended to wash by hand, generally rinse with warm water, if you use detergent, please use neutral detergent and soft cloth to clean.


It is recommended to wash immediately after use. If the cup is decorated with metal, it is obviously not suitable for the polish to wipe the surface of the cup.


PS: Porcelain is affected and easy to burst. If it is scratched, it can be polished with toothpaste.

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