Do you know bone china?

March 31, 2023

Bone china is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world, why is this? Let's talk about this problem below.


In high-grade porcelain such as bone china, shell porcelain, and pearl porcelain, due to the cost It is too high and there is almost no industrial production, so bone china is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain in the world.


Bone china was originally called bone china, but people felt that the word "ash" was not "elegant", so it was renamed bone china, or bone china for short. Because of its high whiteness and soft tone, bone china is a high-grade porcelain and is very popular among people. It is said that the British royal family and No. 10 Downing Street use bone china made in China. The middle and upper class people in the United States usually drink tea with bone china cups.


The finished bone china is light in texture, dense and hard (twice that of daily-use porcelain), not easy to wear and tear, has moderate light transmission and heat preservation, and has a natural milky white color unique to natural bone powder. Among them, the bone meal content is more than 40%, and the color of the utensils is more milky white. It belongs to high-grade bone china (fine bone china). For example, Japanese bone china has a high content of bone meal, and its color is between milky white and milky yellow. Bone china manufacturers are mainly from Europe and Japan; in my country, only a few manufacturers in Tangshan, Zibo and other places produce and export, and the bone china sold by Gourmet Pie is mainly supplied directly by bone china manufacturers from Tangshan, China.

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