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March 29, 2023

Bone china was originally called bone china, but people felt that the word "ash" was not "elegant", so it was renamed bone china.


Bone china was invented by the British in 1794. At present, famous bone china manufacturers in the world include Wedgwood and Dalton in the UK, Rosenthal in Germany, and Narumi in Japan. Because of its high whiteness and soft tone, it is all high-grade porcelain and is very popular among people. It is said that the British royal family and No. 10 Downing Street use domestically produced bone china. The middle and upper class people in the United States usually drink tea with bone china cups.


Bone china is a "phosphate-kaolin-quartz-feldspar" system porcelain that uses calcium phosphate as a flux. According to international standards, bone china contains more than 25% ashes of herbivores. Bone meal is made of cattle, sheep, pork bones, etc., with bovine bones being the best.


Bone china dinnerware always pays attention to matching. Each set has a poetic name, such as "Scent of Books", "Sapphire Garden", "Moonlight in Lotus Pond", etc. Each pattern creates an atmosphere. Therefore, which kind of decoration style of the house and which style of bone china dinnerware to choose depends on the owner's vision and taste. Bone china gold decorations are all handcrafted, so even in a set of dinnerware, the gold decoration pattern will be slightly different. Every meal every day, before the feast, it will show extraordinary style only if it is served with enough graceful bone china. However, the maintenance of bone china is of course more delicate than ordinary ceramics. Microwave ovens and dishwashers are not recommended. It is no problem to put them in a disinfection cabinet for disinfection.


Selection of bone china advertising cups:


The finished bone china is light in texture, dense and hard (twice that of daily-use porcelain), not easy to wear and tear, moderately transparent, heat-retaining, and has a natural milky white color unique to natural bone meal. Among them, the bone powder component is more than 40%, and the color of the utensil is more milky white, which belongs to high-grade bone china (fine bone china).


Cover the cup on the light bulb (of course, you can also point it to the light), and you can see whether the composition of the cup is detailed or not. A good one should have better light transmission and no impurities. Now all bone magnet cups are added with beef bone meal. Tap the wall of the cup lightly with your thumb and forefinger, and there will be a crisp sound.

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