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March 21, 2023

Features of bone china mug


1. Soft and gentle

Because bone china uses calcium phosphate as the main raw material, the body formula contains less iron and titanium. After firing, the calcium phosphate presents a soft white color, which is neither cold white like ordinary traditional white porcelain, nor talc porcelain. It shows a blunt white like that, but a milky white that makes people feel more comfortable. Some people like to describe it as "sweet white". If pottery is regarded as a masculine man full of simplicity and masculinity, bone china can be regarded as a gentle and virtuous beauty. The whiteness of bone china is generally more than 80%.


2. Good light transmittance

The refractive index of phosphate glass in bone china is very close to that of quartz, so there is less light loss, better light transmission, and better translucency.


3. The shape of the device is regular

Bone China adopts the secondary firing process of high-temperature bisque firing and low-temperature glaze firing. When firing, the imitation sagger is forced to fire, so the product is regular in shape, which is incomparable to ordinary ceramics. The production of bone china has high requirements for saggers. Some products, especially plates, even if the semi-finished products are deformed, as long as a regular imitation sagger is used during firing, the products can be shaped and become regular after firing. One of the advantages of the secondary firing process.


4. The glaze surface is smooth

Bone china uses a large amount of frit glaze, and the frit glaze is a pre-processed glass body, which reduces the reaction and the possibility of more bubbles when used compared with ordinary raw material glaze, so the glaze surface of porcelain glaze is better than that of ordinary ceramic glaze The surface is smoother, and the gloss generally exceeds 100%.

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