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March 08, 2023

The kiln of a bone china manufacturer is a device made of refractory materials for firing products, and it is an essential facility in pottery molding. The tens of thousands of years of human ceramic firing history have accumulated rich kiln styles and experience. From the open-air pile firing on the ground in the primitive society, digging pits and building fires to steamed bun-shaped rising flame round kilns, half-down-flame horseshoe-shaped kilns, Banpo dragon kilns, and duck-egg-shaped kilns, to today's indoor gas kilns, electric kilns, and kiln technology In continuous improvement and development.



According to the types of calcined materials, it can be divided into ceramic kilns, cement kilns, glass kilns, enamel kilns, etc. The former can be divided into continuous kiln (tunnel kiln), semi-continuous kiln and intermittent kiln according to the operation method.


1. According to the heat source, it can be divided into flame kiln and electric heating kiln.


2. According to the condition of the heat source facing the green body, it can be divided into open flame kiln, muffle flame kiln and semi muffle flame kiln.


3. According to the carrier of the green body, it can be divided into kiln car kiln, push plate kiln, roller bottom kiln (roller kiln), conveyor belt kiln, walking beam kiln and air cushion kiln, etc.


4. According to the number of channels, it can be divided into single-channel kiln, double-channel kiln and multi-channel kiln.


5. Generally, the fuel for large-scale kilns is mostly heavy oil, light diesel oil or coal gas and natural gas.


Firewood kiln: Firewood is used as fuel, which is the inheritance of ancient kiln industry. All kinds of kilns such as dragon kiln, steamed bun kiln and gourd kiln belong to the category of firewood kiln. Because it consumes wood for burning, it is not conducive to the protection of environmental resources, and it is rarely seen except in some traditional ceramic producing areas.


Coal kiln: an industrial kiln that uses coal as fuel. It was used in large quantities, but was abandoned or improved due to high energy consumption and high pollution. Gas, heavy oil, and light diesel oil were used as fuel.


Electric kiln: Electricity is used as the energy source, most of which use electric furnace wire, silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide as the heating element, relying on the principle of electric energy radiation and heat conduction for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere. Electronic program control, simple operation, good safety performance, suitable for various workplaces, kung fu small porcelain electric kiln is a necessary firing kiln for many ceramic studios.


Gas kiln: Fueled by liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas or natural gas, it has strong firepower, low pollution, and is suitable for firing in different firing atmospheres. It is the most widely used kiln today.



A kiln is usually composed of four parts: a kiln chamber, combustion equipment, ventilation equipment, and conveying equipment. Most electric kilns use electric furnace wire, silicon carbide rods or molybdenum disilicide as heating elements. The structure is relatively simple and the operation is convenient.


In addition, there are various atmosphere kilns, electric porcelain kilns, etc. Whether the structure of the kiln is reasonable and whether the selection is correct is directly related to the quality of the product, the output and the level of energy consumption, etc. It is the key equipment in the production of ceramics.

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